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General Q&A

Can I join this trip if I am not from Europe or America?
Yes you can, everyone is welcome.
Does my group have to pay at the same time or can we pay individually?
If you are purchasing a package without hotel you can book individually. For all other packages
please assign a head passenger to book everyone’s place on their behalf. If this is not possible
mention your room mates name (if applicable) on our booking form so we know who to
accommodate you with.
Can I book for 1 person or 3 people?
Yes you can, an extra fee would apply for our VIP/ Platinum hotel packages.
How will I know my reservation is confirmed??
Once you have paid in full or made a deposit payment for our instalment plan you will receive an
email confirmation via the email address provided on the booking form, this will include a confirmation reference.
How do I include Hotel with my package??
You can include hotel stay with only VIP and Gold events packages. Simply select ‘With Hotel’
payment option on the relevant booking page
Is Airport Transfers inclusive of my package?
What is the official Hotel for this trip?
The Tang Palace
Does the Hotel serve Alcohol?
Would I be able to purchase alcohol at the events?
Do you provide food and drink?
Yes we do.
Is there any travel insurance in any of the packages?

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